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Co-founded in 2017, McGeeks Mechatronics is being nurtured by SIIC, IIT Kanpur and is currently being mentored by global leaders. We leverage leading-edge technologies such as AI, machine learning & deep learning in our products to make them extremely efficient and optimized.


McGeeks machines are built to invigorate, nurture and embolden an engineer while unbridling the designer’s freedom to create. We bring about conjunction between additive and subtractive manufacturing techniques. The experience gained over the years through manufacturing and technical development has helped us command technical strength and expertise over the field. Technologies that have the potential to create large-scale impacts have always consumed us and shaped the direction of our work over the past few years. Our team of engineers strive every day to refine the shape of the manufacturing industry, lesser the burden of capital costs of machinery and increase user-friendliness of additive manufacturing

The Core team

Vikram Singh Rana #Geek #nerd

Vikram Singh Rana

Executive Director/Co-Founder

Satyam Richhariya

Managing Director/Co-Founder

Utsal Chaudhary


Prof. J.Ramkumar

Innovation Mentor

Anand Saraswat

Strategic Analyst

Mr.Jayant Jha

Business Mentor

Dr. Rajesh Bansal

Biomedical Science Advisor

Seeking Innovation

Happy McVersary 🎉🎉
Happy to share that we have been awarded *IEEE India Council Technology Start-up Award*
McGeeks Face Shield
 Reusable Face Shield, Face Shield Protect Eyes and Face with Clear Open Protective Film, Elastic Band and Comfort Sponge, Anti,Dust,Pollution,Fog,Anti-Spitting Isolation
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